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Welcome to the Compendium!

Here, you will find a great source of information relating to the events, people and places that appear in Deliverance. More of a mini-encyclopedia that can be used while you read the story or afterwards, it provides additional backstory and detail about the known everything on the Arena of Pri.

Spoilers: Please note that while entries in the Compendium are written to cover specifics that may not be part of the book, there is potential for slight spoilers.
Where spoilers are unavoidable in context, these are indicated.


This Compendium (which is not directly related to the Twilight Compendium) is divided into the following sections:


Find out about specific areas and places that are central to the story.


There are many people (and others) featured throughout, all with important roles to play in society.


A host of concepts, theories and objects are paramount to the Changeable Worlds universe.


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