a Deliverance character

Rogaro is the High Priest at the Temple of Ramor during the Fourth Era.

Relationship with Solus

Throughout the time when Emperor Solus was growing up, Rogaro became his principle mentor, advising him on everything that he needed to know to prepare himself for the time when he would officially become emperor.

This relationship developed a great deal of trust between the two, with Solus always turning to Rogaro (instead of his mother) when he needed to.

Personal Interests

Rogaro has always been fascinated by the Synth, but never having the aptitude to actively pursue a role with the Institute, could never prove his worth. A life with the Temple instead allowed him to explore a different connection with the Synthetic, via Ramor. Despite this interest, he has an uncomfortable relationship with Master Conjurer Ferlor.

He is also a man with significant interest to the religious and psychological wellbeing of the people. Rogaro takes pride in that the Temple plays an important role in society.

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