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The Druka are a small group of Shaler that reside inside the forests of Mistwood. They believe they have a spiritual connection to the woodland and strive to protect it from any outsider.


During the Third Era, the Shaler people thrived on their own trades. With members of the People’s Union always looking to impress further with their skills, they sought more extravagant and rare items to include in their craftsmanship.

Frequent harvesting of wood from the nearby forest occasionally revealed great riches, such as unusual gems, minerals and flora. Eventually demand for these trophies became apparent, and groups of enterprising townspeople ventured into the forest to find them.

One such group, who would eventually become to call themselves the Druka, became enraptured in the infamous mists that Mistwood is known for. Lost in the darkness against the thick fog for days, the group began to hallucinate from lack of food and interpret these as visions from the woods itself.

Developing and affinity with the forest, they realised that they belonged there and left behind everything — family, businesses and possessions — in Thoridon. Being at one with the forest, stripping themselves and living in and off it, they seek to protect the sanctity and tranquillity of Mistwood from anyone.


The self-styled name translates from the Shaler language to mean “one of the forest”. They believe it provides credential for their new-found purpose.


In becoming “one of the forest”, the Druka have grown accustomed to the precise layout of Mistwood. They can be acutely aware of the slightest twig snapping and be ready to approach any would-be assailant.

But, their tactics are subtle, in complete contrast to the Kaidis. They would rustle between the bushes, watch from a distance and lull intruders into an ambush. Being entirely naked, except from some well-designed camouflage inks made from forest litter, this allows them to move largely unseen to the unaware.


She is the leader of the Druka, and is always the one to speak first. Responsible for making decisions for the good of the forest, she is well respected inside the small community.

It was her knowledge of craftsmanship learnt as a former member of the People’s Union that brought the group of ex-merchants together.

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