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The era is a defined period in Shaler life. A highly significant event is the single trigger for advancing into a new age.

First Era

Generally known as the Classics, this is the first recorded time in Shaler history. It saw the birth of the civilisation, the founding of the city of Thoridon and what would become known as the People’s Union. Many significant discoveries were made during this time, but there was also considerable conflict.

A general uncertainly remains about this era. What is known is that the Shaler were much more prone to physical conflict when ideas were suggested and disagreement was usually handled with force instead of discussion.

Historians and archivists for the Temple of Ramor have always taken great interest in the First Era as it allows for the possibility to rediscover lost talents.

Second Era

Driven by the discovery of the Synth, the Second Era saw the rise of the Synth Institute. The Shaler became fascinated by its potential and chose to largely dedicate themselves to its study. This provoked reaction, causing the Shaler to become separated into members of the Union and the followers of the Synthetic studies.

This discord also sparked the need for reassurance of the people with the Temple being founded.

Third Era

With agreements eventually being found between each of the groups, the Third Era was the start of great prosperity for the Shaler. The grandfather of Emperor Serenus become significant in this new period, saying the right things at the right time. This tradition continued throughout, with the people enjoying their calm and peaceful life.

Great scientific and Synthetic discoveries were made, as well as some unusual and fairly disturbing practises, mostly within the walls of the Synth Institute. But development was quick and surprising, resulting in the Shaler becoming a scientifically advanced people.

But towards the end of the era, something that was unforeseen became forefront with the creation and subsequent exile of the Kaidis.

Fourth Era

The death of Serenus saw the start of the most recent era, marred with the bloodshed and harsh violence provided by the Kaidis. With a distinct and memorable arrival of the Lightbearers into the public eye, the future of the Shaler suddenly becomes into question.

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