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A Lightbearer is a general term that refers to any of the ethereal beings that would call the Synthetic Domain as their home.

Their official name is Child of the Ethereal.


Each Lightbearer was created by Ramor, whom each refers to as Mother, hence known as Children. In their natural form, they are gaseous entities of a unique colour. Because of their close relationship with the Synthetic Domain, they cannot exist in the mortal realm in this state.

The reason for their existence is primarily due to the dissatisfaction that Ramor had with her creation of the planets that form her galaxy. Building Pri had its merits, but when she was finished, it was clear that something was missing. A perfect world needs something to provide a degree of entertainment before it quickly gets tedious. Therefore, the creation of the Lightbearers serves this purpose — to provide change and influence upon the mortal worlds, through their own imagining.

As every Lightbearer is an individual, they all have their own traits and self-styled personalities. Some are devious about how they enact change, others are much more subtle. Some are masters of the Synth, others prefer their own methods.

One important fact is that because they ultimately belong in the Synthetic Domain, how they enact this change upon worlds must be done by being present there. Through a process known as Ethereal Transference, they can be summoned from the Synthetic Domain and cross into the mortal realm, absorbing themselves into the mind of the summoner. They can be identified by the colour of their eyes on close inspection. This is known as their visible essence.

Also, they are able to utilise the Synth for an additional purpose — communication. Similar to how long-distance radio works, Lightbearers can talk to each other in Ethereal via the Synth.

Ascended Lightbearer

Because the cause and effect that each Lightbearer enacts upon worlds is their only goal, how they go about this is judged by Ramor as part of the Tournament of the Lightbearers. Once a Lightbearer has granted substantial change — as per the rules of the Tournament — Ramor will promote the Lightbearer to the state of Ascended.

Having attained this additional knowledge, known as a “gift” by the Lightbearers themselves, they are granted a unique ability while present in the mortal realm.

An Ascended Lightbearer is also assigned to a specific world. Here, they are ever-present upon the world, and their duty is to oversee the mortal population. This is to make sure nothing substantial happens to them, in preparation for a non-Ascended Lightbearer to arrive and play their game in the Tournament.

Notable Lightbearers

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