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Members of the Third Division in the Kaidis military are wholly inexperienced or simply still considered children. Anyone who begins life in the Kaidis (either through birth or defection from the Shaler) is assigned to the Third.

Entry for pure Kaidis

Newborns — as conceived in the Production Division — are considered pure Kaidis and as they become older and leave the Production’s nurseries, they are called to military schooling. This is generally overseen by representatives of the Doctor’s Division and the First Division. Only when they complete their initial course are they assessed. It is this judgement that determines which Division they are assigned to, generally the Second. This process can be complete, even before they approach teenage years.

Entry via defection

Even though they are rare, it is possible to be accepted into the Third Division through defection. Of course, due to the fierce nature of the Kaidis, the opportunity for surrender does not come up often. To some Shaler, the Kaidis are privately admired, and they have fantasies about joining them. Defection is their chance, but many are naive to think they would be treated lightly — few survive the torture.

Children of leaders

When a child is born and its father is someone of considerable significance (for example, the King General), once they leave the nurseries, their future is generally decided for them, without attending the Third Division. But as heirs to the throne, they can also opt to choose their own Division without question.


  • Generally young and inexperienced
  • Only more able to hold a weapon as they complete the course
  • Never seen active combat
  • Can be a little hard to control
  • No difference in treatment between males or females
  • Develop their own aspirations about what they want to achieve for the Kaidis
  • Scared of the First Division

Notable People

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