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The Shaler people are the primary civilisation that live exclusively in the continent of the same name on the world of Pri. Surviving for many hundreds of years, they have created a sprawling empire that covers considerable area in their lands. They strive for advancement, both in scientific understanding and in their superiority.


While the actual birth of the Shaler people remains a complete mystery to them, they rarely consider this to even be questionable. However, they recognise that something significant occurred during the First Era, and to this day, researchers in the Temple of Ramor continue to search for answers.

In this Classic period, the Shaler were brutish and massively under-developed compared to their present day standing. But it was clear that they were to settle in lands of plentiful and temperate environments, lying the foundations for the city of Thoridon.

With the miraculous discovery of the Synth starting the Second Era, this gave the Shaler people more of a purpose and a driving desire to harness and understand the newfound knowledge. Techniques were preliminarily drawn up with the realisation of its incredible power. Yet despite this, even to this day, the Shaler do not fully understand what the Synth actually is for.

It wasn’t until the Third Era that the Shaler were able to put aside their own differences and work together as a unified civilisation, with students of the Synth alongside those of the People’s Union.


See also: Thoridon.

The capital city in Shaler, this large town is home to all the important buildings and organisations. With a significant population of citizens all skilled in one aspect of Shaler life, the city itself is thriving with great opportunity for all.


See also: Senate House.

Ruled by an emperor, the Shaler government consists of two different political parties (known as Segments) in the Third Era. Business is conducted inside the Senate with decisions made using democratic process.

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