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The Doctor’s Division is a minority unit that is part of the Kaidis Kingdom. Unlike the other Divisions, it has a much closer relationship to the rule of the Kaidis, and representatives of it serve in an advisory role.

Even though the main mission of the Kaidis is to see the destruction of the Shaler, another goal is to learn more about the science behind the Bloodrage affliction, seeking to improve its potency. This responsibility falls to the Doctors.


Similar to the Engineers Division, the Doctor’s Division was formed based on inspired former students of the Synth Institute in Thoridon. At the wish of Xarash, they were allowed to continue their studies without restriction and free from the strict teaching methods of the Institute.

During the Fourth Era, it became clear that their collective abilities in regard to the Synth were minor and no match against the Shaler. Technical understanding of ritual and practice related to it was insufficient, but this didn’t matter — being empowered with the Bloodrage, they sought to learn more about its ability.

Utilising methods gained from their time at the Institute, but taken to huge extremes, they began experimenting. This often led to infliction of torture against their own kind in an attempt to recover data about the Bloodrage’s ultimate effect. This practice was seen as going too far by the father of Xarash IV and was ended. Instead, it became the focus to retrieve their lost information, such as the Book of the Daimons, held by the Shaler.


The Doctor’s Division has several roles overall, often acting as the glue between every other Division.

  • Responsible for the development and understanding of the Bloodrage
  • Cataloguing and chronicling of the Kaidis military as a whole
  • Working with the First Division to both strategise the war and train those in the Third Division
  • Provide tactical support to the military in the field


  • Work independently and do not relish working with anyone outside their Division
  • Brilliant intellect, but seen as arrogant
  • No combat experience and generally weak
  • Would not bear arms, regardless of the opposition
  • Always ready to take a chance
  • Personal Bloodrage development is the least advanced, sometimes not even noticeable

Notable People

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