a location in Deliverance

Outpost Ora is a Kaidis military outpost which leads into Shaler territory.


The canyon that runs from the far sea and through Wodar Drop, across the top of the Sulphur Deserts, subsides further east. With drifting sand dunes marking the divide between the Deserts and Shaler territory just south of Mistwood, it becomes a strategic launchpad for military operations.


Ora’s main purpose is to receive Knoria vehicles carrying troops for deployment into enemy territory. As the winds from the Desert plateau at Ora’s location, the sails become empty and is the natural stopping point.

A small barracks is located at Ora, but is mostly for administration purposes, allowing for Divisional leaders to outline plans to their armies or resupply. There is a tall fortified gate, preventing the Shaler from trying anything, if they were so inclined.

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