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The Sulphur Deserts are barren, parched and extremely mild lands located to the south of Shaler territory. During the Fourth Era, the Deserts are claimed by the Kaidis.


Being a vast desert, there is little of interest at first glance. But the sands and exposed dry ground are tarnished with a significant yellowed colour. It is this yellowing which is responsible for the abundance of sulphuric crystals which stick to the sands. In some parts, especially where the sand drifts continuously, the crystals form into larger formations.

Nearer to the southern pole of Pri, the further south travelled, the longer the days become, with the sun never disappearing beyond the horizon. As such, the deserts are perpetually warm or hot. Strong winds continuously blow over the largely flat — but variable — terrain.

To the northern side of the deserts is the gaping canyon upon which Wodar Drop is positioned. Further south is Mount Sindre, a single and still active volcano, responsible for the sulphur from which the deserts get their name.

Kaidis Influence

As the Kaidis claimed the area for themselves during the Fourth Era, they have moulded the landscape to their advantage. With their design of the Kronia being paramount to the transportation of water from Wodar Drop, roads were constructed directly across the sands.

These roads also stretch between the Kaidis Stronghold and Outpost Ora.

The deposits of sulphur are also regularly collected, either for use as an ingredient to formulate the Bloodrage, or for combining with armour.

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