a Deliverance character

Barel (pronounced BAR-EL) is a self-styled Lightbearer determined to win in any Arena in the Tournament. He is generally violent and threatening.


His career in the Tournament has been patchy at best. Strategically, he is very focused on creating chaos and direct destruction when it seems feasible.

When introducing himself on an Arena, he prefers to announce that he is a “warmonger of the elements”. This is because his tactics generally include a surge of Synthetic energy which allows him to create powerful explosions or phenomenons, based on most of the classical elements, such as fire and air.

Such destructive ability has not always been in Barel’s favour, and is a testament to his defeat on Arenas in the past. Having a reputation among other Lightbearers as being a failure, this only angers him more, which generally lead to more mistakes.


In his determination to win the Tournament, he also looks for ways to give him an advantage. This may include hints about how the Tournament itself is orchestrated and if he can find this secretive information, he would not stop to use it.

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