a Deliverance character

Ikis is President of the Shaler People’s Union during the Third Era. As is common with leaders of the Union, he detests those in the Synth Institute.

Union Project

His main passion during his time as leader of the Union is to see that his large group of followers are well-treated — insofar as to become isolated from the rest of the Shaler.

Ikis dreams of constructing a walled fortress inside Thoridon that becomes an exclusive hall (named Union Hall) for members of the Union only. It would provide for the members, by the members, and have absolutely no relationship with the Institute.

The project was approved after many delays in the Senate House, mostly from objection by the Institute.


Ikis is known for his long speeches and for talking about minute details. But due the forceful way in which he speaks, it is rare for anyone to challenge his thoughts while delivering his words.

His frame is smaller then average and his vocabulary is much stronger than him.

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