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The Kingdom of the Kaidis is a large group of separatists from the Shaler that formed at the end of the Third Era. They are highly militaristic and generally despise anything to do with their former people, and sometimes even each other.

Through their utmost hatred for the Shaler people, their primary goal is to destroy them and claim Thoridon for themselves.


Kaidis history is relatively short when compared to the Shaler, but their rise has not been without momentous occasions.


Towards the end of the Third Era, rebellion against the dominant state of the People’s Union grew. Behind closed doors and unspoken about, a small group of individuals called themselves Dis. An enterprising student of the Synth Institute became instrumental in the future direction of the group, and it wasn’t soon after this that they made themselves known.

Quickly becoming notorious for brutality and radical decisions, Emperor Serenus exiled them from Thoridon. It was this critical action that archivists in the Temple of Ramor document as the start of the Fourth Era.


From a firm belief that the People’s Union was turning into an untrustworthy organisation, their experimentation with the Urtica plant transformed them into bulky and strong people. Its abuse infused ideas that were less democratic than their previous thinking, especially with a radical named Xarash who’s plans changed Dis’s direction.

After their exile, it became apparent to the group — now renamed the Kaidis — that their options had greatly expanded. Following a tip provided by an anonymous stranger, their potential was recognised and sought to retaliate against the Shaler.


Via their abuse of Urtica, the Kaidis are known for their supremely enhanced mutations compared to the Shaler. All Kaidis inherit these genetic mutations at birth, although some more aggressively than others.

Known as the Bloodrage, it increases strength, size and develops a high resistance to heat. Disadvantages of the affliction include severe internal irritations, impaired brain activity and reduced intelligence.

An aspiration of the Kaidis is to develop the potency of the Bloodrage further as they believe that the affliction is their reason for superiority over the Shaler. However, there are those that see it as a disease, but these doubters are rare.


As the Kaidis are extremely military-orientated — in complete contrast to the Shaler — they do not have a system of commerce and there is no wealth or civilian interests. Members of the Kaidis are all assigned to a military unit, collectively known as the Divisions.

In addition to the main military, there are three support Divisions.


Divisional members are generally assigned a rank to prefix their name. Not every Division has ranking.

  • First, Second and Third: General, Legionnaire, Captain, Sergeant, Scout, Newblood.
  • Doctors all use the same rank of Doctor.
  • Engineers and Production representatives do not use ranking.


The Kaidis are headquartered in the Sulphur Deserts, past the canyon at Wodar Drop. Their base of operations is run inside Mount Sindre, the only active volcano present in the Shaler continent.

Known as the Kaidis Stronghold, the internals of the volcano consist of many tunnels and passages leading to larger caverns, carved over time by the Kaidis or the volcano’s lava. At the front of the Stronghold is a large courtyard, which is used for a variety of purposes. The Doctor’s Division is also stationed in this courtyard alongside the mountainside.


The figurehead of the entire Kaidis operation is overseen by a single, outstanding individual. These are known as King Generals.

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