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The Senate House (or simply the House) is the central location in Thoridon for the heart of the Shaler government. It is here where emperors and senators representing the people regularly convene to discuss and plan day-to-day events or long-term consequences.


Governance was always a high point of contention for the Shaler people ever since their first history was documented. Arguments, especially in the First Era, were common and conflict was the main outcome from significant disagreements. But as the People’s Union began to gain credibility, it become clearer that such means were detrimental to the organisations plans, and it supported the founding of an independent body which would become the Senate.

The building was complete near the end of the First Era, which also led to the formalisation of the Quadrangle as the centre point to Thoridon.


Becoming the first significant building to be constructed by the People’s Union, the design of the House has set the precedent for future building efforts (making a special case for the iconic Temple of Ramor).

Windows are a key feature that adorn the eastern and western sides of the building, with many tall windowpanes overlooking the Quadrangle. With the creation of the Senate, having large windows was seen as a way to provide literal — if mostly symbolic — transparency for the general populace into the world of government.

The main entrance is via two large wooden doors with ornate iron handles from the Quadrangle.


With only a single floor inside the House, the main hall of the Senate occupies almost all of the available space. There are smaller rooms near the entrance where most of the Canons operate.

The hall itself comprises of tiered wooden benches — like a stadium — that surround the Seat of Power in a semi-circle configuration. These benches are split down the middle forming two segments.

Behind the lavish Seat of Power, a large gong stands. This is used by the emperor should his voice not be heard during the rowdy debates that happen from time to time.

Government structure


At the top of the hierarchy is the emperor. It is the emperor’s task to make the decisions about debates that are discussed inside the House. The emperor must be present at all of these debates (formally known as sessions) otherwise no official decision or record is made. The word of the emperor is final in all matters.

The emperor sits in the Seat of Power whenever a session is in progress.

An emporer has the following titles and duties:


In order for points to be raised, they must be done so as a political faction (known as a Segment). Any point raised is done collectively for the Segment and votes are cast by its members should there be any disagreement during formal proceedings. Each Segment must have one representative that acts as leader who has the power to object against any point made by an opposing Segment.


These are the civil servants that are responsible for acting on decisions made in government that are outside of general Segment politics. They do not have any allegiance to any Segment and must work independently, keeping their own opinions to themselves.

Active Segments

From the Third Era, the current political factions are:

Changes in the Fourth Era

Events at the end of the Third Era required more political structure.

A third Segment was introduced in-between the People’s Union and the Synth Fellowship. Named the Warlock Council, this Segment’s role is to advise on the defence and security of the Shaler.

For their less scientific take on the understanding of the Synth, the Temple of Ramor is represented in an advisory role typically by the High Priest. At the side of the Seat of Power, a single bench named the Branch of Ramor is positioned, where social opinion can be given to the emperor direct about the debate in progress.

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