a Deliverance character

Master Conjurer Camaro is the head of the Synth Institute during the Third Era. His rise to power was purely though his demonstrated ability to manipulate the Synth.


Raised in Thoridon, throughout his childhood Camaro was revered for his immediate understanding of anything that he was introduced to. His natural intelligence provided him with the requirements to enter into a life of study at the Institute.

Becoming acutely aware of the Synth energy after being revealed how to achieve basic manipulation, he penned a thesis during his third year at the Institute titled The Will of the Fire. In it, Camaro detailed precise instruction about how to create, control and encourage fire from nothing but the air.

His revelations were considered groundbreaking discoveries, and he passed the initial course with exceptional results. Invited to continue into advanced study, it wasn’t long after this that he was awarded the title of Conjurer.

Mixing himself with an interest in politics, he became involved with the business of the Senate House, frequently opting to represent the Institute during audiences with the emperor.

His brilliance struck a chord with the political debates, generally making excellent arguments against the People’s Union. As Serenus saw his potential, he was elevated to the status of Master Conjurer.

Camaro has no interest in family, and considers his students at the Institute to be an extended family. He strives to make sure that they can aspire to be great Synth users.

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