a Deliverance character

Toraq (pronounced TORE-ACK) is a Lightbearer who wins his position in the Tournament on the Arena of Pri. After being granted Ascended status, Toraq is given charge of the same Arena.

Tournament Strategy

The games that Toraq played across Arenas all used a similar strategy that allowed him to excel. His prime method is to make suggestions about how one should proceed in life. Direct intervention or having a more significant role these methods was not something Toraq would do.

Preferring to wait, sometimes over a long period, eventually his subjects (or “experiments” as he would refer to them) would be so convinced with Toraq’s suggestions that would perform his bidding. This ultimately results in major political discourse among people, and sometimes even fear.

Toraq’s uncanny ability to manipulate others was the reason for his success in the Tournament. His ultimate challenge was what led to the creation of the Kaidis.

Involvement with Pri

With Ramor dictating that Toraq would become the Ascended Lightbearer and oversee the Arena of Pri, he replaced Uriro from the role.

During the Fourth Era, he took form of a Matoh and created a travelling salesman persona to distinguish himself from both the Shaler and the Kaidis. Such a vocation would allow him to keep eyes on either side, while also maintaining equilibrium on the Arena itself, while waiting for the next Lightbearer.

He also has built up relationships with Emperor Solus and also Captain Selak at Outpost Ora.


Kept in his possession, Toraq’s Anchor of the Arena takes the appearance of a dulled gem that is atop a wooden staff. The staff itself looks unfinished, not being polished or cut into an appropriate shape.

The gem masquerading as the Anchor is also strange in that it only appears visible in two dimensions, looking flat from whatever angle one observes it.

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