a location in Deliverance

Naturally becoming an important landmark during the Fourth Era and practically central to Shaler territory, the Crossroads provides access between north and south. Such an area is frequently traversed by Kaidis scouts.

Road Connections

  • North: Leads into Mistwood and also towards the eastern entrance of Thoridon.
  • Southern road: Leads directly to Wodar Drop alongside the River Still.
  • Eastern road: Leads directly to Outpost Ora, along the edge of Mistwood. Other Shaler towns extend past the forest.
  • Western road: Over a bridge, extends into the Flatlands and into the southern entrance of Thoridon.


Despite being purely a functional part of the logistical infrastructure, one towering object became prevalent at the Crossroads. This cenotaph is a monument consisting of many rusted or damaged piece of Kaidis armour, bones of the fallen and other trinkets collected.

Becoming a towering graveyard, it is respected by both the Kaidis and the Shaler, where the dead from both sides are represented.

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