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To the east of Thoridon lies a substantial forest known as Mistwood. It is home to a varying degree of tree, flower, animal, insect and even people. Rare minerals can also be found.


Mistwood used to extend all around the city of Thoridon, but during great expansion in the Third Era and beyond, those forests were reduced to what is known as the Flatlands now.

However, the forest is still survived to the east of Thoridon, and its area still covers a significant amount of Shaler territory. On its eastern edge, it extends towards the Sulphur Deserts.

The River Still splits after it traverses down from Iskap, with one fork snaking through Mistwood itself. It is this feature, coupled with the densely overhanging trees and humid air that the forest earns its name — it is frequently misty with extremely reduced visibility at times.


The woodland itself is tightly packed with all manners of tree. Tall trunks and large treetops prevent little light reaching the floor in some parts. Roots grow freely above and below ground, combined with bushes and shrubs, which make traversing the forest hazardous.

Many other plants also grow, some with brightly coloured flowers or unusual seed production. A few deer-like animals forage the ground looking for all manners of insect.

Occasionally — and highly sought after in Shaler society — are rare minerals that are exposed in the ground. Deep colouring of gems and ores can be found should one know where to look.

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