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Xarash (later known as King Xarash the First) is a Shaler who co-founded the Kaidis at the end of the Third Era. He is responsible for the militaristic direction and establishment of an opposing force against the Shaler people.

Early life

Born an only child to parents who were actively part of the People’s Union, Xarash was destined to continue his parents’ contributions to the working life.

However, at an early age, a terrible accident decimated the family — both parents ran a team as blacksmiths with their own forge, creating many ceremonial armours and swords used as part of government tradition. An explosion was triggered from the forge, engulfing Xarash’s parents in flame and burning them alive. No explanation for the explosion was given, shrouded in mystery.

This traumatic event had a huge effect on their son. As a teenager he unwillingly forced to entered into the Union to continue his parents’ work. But Xarash was not wanting to actually do the work as he saw the Union conspiring against his family for reasons he could not explain.

As such, he built a deep hatred for the Union and outrightly opposed what President Ikis had planned. Talking to other workers, he found that a minority also didn’t agree with the direction Ikis was taking, forming an underground movement known as Dis.


Fascinated by the work his parents were able to achieve before their lives were cut short by the accident, Xarash developed elaborate fantasies in his mind about the metalwork.

He dreamt about swordplay and battle involving the weapons and armour created by his parents, but not really understanding the cultural and symbolic significance to their actual purpose.

It would be these dreams combined with the death of his parents that spurred his militaristic viewpoints and desire to find revenge against the Union, even though there was no actual proof the Union was responsible.


After the Kaidis became exiled from Thoridon, Xarash took great interest in Gregoria, a woman that joined the initial Dis. Their desires and love ultimately flourished and as they discovered the Sulphur Deserts and eventually building the Kaidis Stronghold.

Becoming the one and only Queen of the Kaidis Kingdom (the idea playing to Xarash’s fantasies), Gregoria became mother to a single child with King Xarash as father, and this continued the lineage throughout the Fourth Era.

With the numbers of Kaidis increased as they travelled to the Sulphur Deserts and newborns arriving from pure Kaidis parents, Gregoria oversaw the creation of the Production Division and eventually dedicating herself to the cause.

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