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Strictly a political faction, the Synth Fellowship is a group of lecturers and graduated students from the Synth Institute that represent the application of Synth energy and its science.


Because the Synth Institute itself is fairly liberal and open to ideas, it does not necessarily subscribe to the same ideas that the Shaler government and its other Segments enjoy. The Institute refuses to have itself represented at governmental level as it is seen as a conflict of interest, not wanting politics to directly influence its teachings.

Therefore, the Fellowship is a collection of lecturers and students from the Institute. Whenever the Senate convenes, any number of available Institute representatives become members of the Fellowship for as long as the session lasts in the Senate. There is no selection process or nomination — anyone that is willing and available just turns up.

Because of this attitude, organisations such as the People’s Union take a dim view of them, claiming they make a mockery of the governmental system.

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