a location in Deliverance
Area:25km2 (approx.)
Population:50,000 (3E)

The city of Thoridon is the capital city of the Shaler people. It was constructed as a settlement back in the First Era and continued to grow throughout the ages. It is home to the Shaler emperor and its government, along with many highly significant buildings and organisations.


Built in the First Era, Thoridon’s initial history is shrouded in mystery, much like a lot of the events in 1E. In recent times, the archivists at the Temple of Ramor have wished to reveal the secrets for many years, all clues resulted in either misinformation or dead ends.

During the Second Era, the city grew at an expeditious rate with the discovery of the Synth. The iconic Quadrangle became the centrepiece with the pronounced buildings of the Temple, the Senate House and the Synth Institute.

A perimeter wall, under great protest by some of the people, was also constructed around the edge of the city to allay fears of other Shaler from smaller towns to the west. But incredible growth via a population explosion during the prosperous Third Era forced the wall into disrepair and it still cracks and crumbles to this day.


Modern day Thoridon is divided into specific areas.

Three of these districts also provide the main gates leading in and out of the city. The south is the main entrance from the Flatlands; the east leads towards Mistwood and the west leads to smaller Shaler towns.


See also: Senate House

Being the centre of the Shaler people, the Senate House exists in Thoridon. A large, open-plan building with many rows of benches and the symbolic Seat of Power central.

As such, Thoridon has many dignitaries generally visiting which represent the smaller Shaler towns, making sure their interests are covered in government business.


  • Population: 99% Shaler, 1% others
  • Trade:
    • People’s Union: 78%
    • Synth Institute: 4%
    • Temple of Ramor: 6%
    • Government: 7%
    • Unaccounted: 5%
  • Age:
    • Children: 10%
    • Working adult: 70%
    • Elderly: 20%


As the People’s Union provides the majority of the work for the city, it thrives on trade between citizens and other towns. With a large manufacturing and working-class population, finance is more about community rather than personal wealth.

Businesses look to succeed by what they produce and not for their value.


The Shaler people spend most of their waking hours working, either for the Union or studying and experimenting with the Synth, meaning they do not generally concern themselves with entertainment.

But central to the Quadrangle is a multi-purpose stage where enterprising individuals and groups can freely perform any kind of display they wish. Sometimes, these events can draw large crowds.

Religion is also an important part to many Shaler, this reinforced with the significance of the Temple of Ramor. A large amount of Thoridon’s population will visit the Temple on a regular basis. The belief in Ramor is a general pick-up for the people.


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