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Wodar Drop (pronounced WHOA-DAR) is a small engineering community of Kaidis responsible for the collection of water for transport to the Stronghold. It is situated on both sides of a canyon where the River Still drains into.


Because the Kaidis need a constant supply of water to survive in the volcano known as Mount Sindre, the primary reason for Wodar Drop is to collect the river water and transport it to the Stronghold.


One of the earliest engineering feats produced by the Kaidis, the Drop features a huge waterwheel that is carefully positioned to scoop up water into large troughs built into the paddles on the wheel. The force of the running river as it cascades down into the canyon below pushes the wheel around.

As the wheel rotates, the troughs deposit the collected water into tanks that are positioned on a long bridge that extends the length of the canyon. From here, teams of members from the Engineers Division manually fill barrels with water from the tanks.

Any filled barrels are then attached to a series of pulleys and winches that carry the barrels up to the other side of the canyon, on the edge of the Sulphur Deserts. More teams of Engineers load these barrels onto Kronia vehicles and transported directly to the Stronghold.


The process of water collection is continuous, running day and night. Each team of workers operate in shifts and are housed in a large barracks that is located on the Shaler side of the canyon.

Overseeing the entire operation is a Kaidis captain. As the Kaidis are a massive military force, they recognise that along with brute force, careful planning is also required — all deliveries, schedules are ordered by the captain, keeping a detailed written log of all operations.

However, there is a very light military presence at Wodar Drop. The Shaler do not trouble themselves to pay any attention to what the Kaidis do. Any war-related effort is launched from Outpost Ora instead.

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