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The Warlock Council is a Segment in the Senate House created in the Fourth Era. Its main responsibility is the security of the Shaler people.


This is the newest Segment to be added into Shaler government, founded recently in the year 116/4E. As the Kaidis attacks against Thoridon became more sophisticated, and the walls constructed at the beginning of the era as commanded by Serenus can only do so much, government looked towards the Synth Institute for assistance.

Relishing at the chance to apply the practises of the Synthetic into use, Master Conjurer Ferlor jumped at the opportunity to head up the new Segment. However, he quickly realised that in doing so would leave him little time to attend to the needs of the Institute.

Under increasing pressure to come up with a solution, a chance came with the Kaidis attacking Thoridon — a lone member of the Doctor’s Division broke away from the horde and was able to find Ferlor. Instead of the two entering into combat, a conversation started with Doctor Levak making his intentions of surrender clear to Ferlor, and ultimately wanted to defect to the Shaler. It would this encounter that would see unlikely Levak heading the Warlock Council.


Many individual Warlocks — graduated members of the Synth Institute — make up a small army of skilled Synth users that provide defence and protection services for the Shaler, under the guidance of Levak. His defection and betrayal of his own people can allow the Council to have the upper hand in successfully thwarting a Kaidis attack.

General duties of Warlocks is to stand guard at Thoridon’s entrances and patrol the city walls, manning lookout towers. If a suspected Kaidis assault is incoming, they will shout down into the city raising the alarm, allowing for the main defence force to prepare.

The Council does not have any political alignment and are strictly neutral. While they have a presence in the Senate House, they do not participate in debates unless concerns about security become apparent.

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