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Located in the Shaler city of Thoridon, the Quadrangle is central to everything that the Shaler prize. Consisting of a large, rectangular market area, it is surrounded by most of the important establishments that contribute to Shaler life.


As the Shaler people have always been able to create and design, the need to promote ideas and products is paramount to their success. The Quadrangle was defined as a central location when Thoridon was founded.

Even though in the Third Era the Quadrangle is primarily for marketeers and traders, it was also the scene of conflict in prior Shaler history. Its cobbled stone has witnessed challenges to the leadership where the People’s Union did not always have their way.


In present day, surrounding the Quadrangle are three highly important buildings in Shaler society.

To the north is a grand, gated archway that leads into the Synth Institute’s courtyard. The walls of the Institute extend across the entire northern side of the Quadrangle.

On the western edge is the Senate House, where a large pair of wooden doors open into the heart of Shaler government. The House has a large number of windows that overlook into the Quadrangle.

The Temple of Ramor is positioned on the eastern edge of the Quadrangle. Fifteen large white stone steps lead up to its elevated entrance. With the sun of Ramor rising in the east, it is positioned to capture the sunlight as much as possible.

At the south is a decaying wall erected in the Second Era. It has two archways leading into the Quadrangle and are the main entrances used by the population every day.


A great number of stalls and bizarres are randomly positioned over the cobbled area on a daily basis. Traders usually represent the People’s Union, selling hand-produced goods carved from wood, metals or glass, fresh food prepared and any number of curious oddities.

Some traders deal with exquisite items — rare jewelry or unusual materials — that can be lucky finds inside Mistwood, towards Iskap or the Sulphur Deserts.

Alongside the traders, occasionally there may be stages or entertainers as well as meetings held by the Union or other organisations.

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