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Synth (other forms: Synthetic, Synthism) is an energy that radiates from the star of Ramor across the entire planetary system. It is in addition to other energies, such as light. Synth also co-exists with gasses and liquids, but remains an entirely separate property.


Extremely similar to the mechanics of visible light, Synth is also a radiation that can be absorbed by any living organism. But the Synth itself cannot be typically seen. When it is absorbed by an organism, it becomes a stored power and creates an affinity with the organism.

A critical distinction between any other energy, making it unique to Synth, is that it can exist in multiple planes of existence.


There are two known usages that Synth can achieve.

Cause and effect

When utilised by a living organism, through a process similar to channelling, the wielder can command the Synthetic energy to react with a point (or area depending on the amassed absorption) in time and space, changing the very molecular structure of anything at that location.

Such effects are the ability to create reactions that lead to combustion (fire), manipulation of the natural flow and direction of liquid (water), disturbance in the composition of gasses (air) or a combination of these effects.


Unknown to any living organism, the main reason for the existence of Synth is so Ramor, as a sentient entity, can send and receive messages across her known space. These messages can only be understood by those that possess the ability to identify them, such as a Lightbearer. This process is similar to radio.


The English translation of its name is derived from the chemical process of photosynthesis, where the energy is similar to sunlight.

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