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Emperor Solus is a well-respected and young emperor of the Shaler people during the Fourth Era. Despite his reputation, he has many weaknesses and believes that he does not deserve to be in his position.


Being direct a descendant of the previous emperor, Solus was inaugurated into his role at an early age. His father was killed in a tragic incident when Solus was only an infant and this decimated their small family. The Shaler government became orchestrated by a series of temporary appointed Senators until Solus was a teenager.

The loss of his father proved to be extremely traumatic for Solus. Not really having any kind of a sense of purpose, and being continuously ushered around the corridors of power not really given any kind of serious guidance, he was never happy about becoming emperor. His mother Avornia become more distant from her son, preferring to spend time studying in the Temple of Ramor. With various revelations being made throughout Solus’ childhood, he became very fragile.

Where he finds solace is in continuing his father’s interests of swords, but instead of being for decoration, Solus actively taught himself how to wield a weapon.

However, his role becomes too much for him and turning to High Priest Rogaro — his lifelong mentor — and breaking down in the Temple of Ramor.

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