a location in Deliverance

The mountain ranges of Iskap are on the northern edge of the Shaler continent and marks the beginning of Is.


High, unreachable peaks and violent snowstorms are prevalent in Iskap. Magnificent mountains formed from long-extinct volcanoes make up the bulk of the area before cascading down at either side — with many shear drops — either into Shaler territory or the great ice plains towards the pole.

While temperatures are warmer when compared to the extreme north, they are still bitterly cold, well below freezing. Similar to the Sulphur Deserts, continuous winds blow, blasting icy conditions and frequent blizzards all around the incredible vistas.

The mountains themselves also feature many deep caverns, usually in difficult to reach locations. These caves provide sanctuary to the little life that manages to exist here, some warm enough that the ice walls melt partially, allowing for pools of water to collect.

Shaler Expeditions

On the rare occasion that Shaler travellers have explored the fringes of this bitterly hostile environment, those that return to Thoridon alive recount stories of strange, white-furred beasts roaming the landscape. These are known as the Matoh.

But actual exploration of Iskap by the Shaler is permanently hampered by the arduois conditions. The combination of icy and dangerous terrain with the constant stormy weather prove to be generally fatal.

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