in Deliverance reference

The Shaler people communicate in their own language, both written and verbal. It is understood by all that reside on the Shaler continent as it is universal.


In written language, the characters and symbols are unique as in Latin script. Because the language is as rich and diverse as any other, it encompasses an array of distinct letters.


There are symbols for numerics and general punctuation. Styling of the symbols as well as the general alphabet is consistent between writers.

Speech and wording

Vocalisation in general speech of the Shaler people produces a very soft tone. Similar to English, there are a lot of decorative words which can obfuscate or hide actual meaning.

Harsh and strong language is a tool within normal speech and the Kaidis prefer this method of conversation to be more direct with their speaking, along with the definite intention to offend.

In Deliverance

For the purposes of the story, no actual Shaler language is written and all dialogue is in English.

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