a Deliverance character
Emperor Serenus
Born:346th day in 155/3E
Died:51st day in 209/3E
Reign:174/3E until death
Predecessor:Father of unknown origin

Emperor Serenus, who has an official title of Second Ruler of the Third Era, is the leader of the Shaler at the end of the Third Era. He was instrumental in the hemorrhaging of the Shaler to form the Kaidis and trigger the start of the Fourth Era.

Name detail

Serenus is a Shaler word meaning “from the gentle”. His parents before him and their grandparents nurtured the empire to the healthy and prosperous environment which they left to their son. The symbolism behind his name was to encourage him to be kind and tolerant, and not to largely interfere with the carefully constructed civilisation of which he took control.


Born an only child during the middle and peak of the Third Era, Serenus’ early life was greeted by the people as a joyous celebration. With his parents idolised by the lifestyle and peaceful environment that they created, the Shaler looked for him to continue the traditions when he would take the helm.

However, even though his parents had great affection for their son, he was not given the most of attention. Ushered into the Synth Institute at a young age, Serenus did not find anything fascinating about its power and the fledgling understanding that the Shaler generally had. Developing a strong imagination, he took to fantasising about the topics and discussions around the Synth.

Despite his lack of interest, being an important child and heir to the empire, he was rushed through any exams and always attaining high grades, sometimes without even writing a sentence. Some of the concepts that were being discussed, however, infused his imagination and he began dreaming about what his actual purpose was.

Leaving the Institute after graduation, he tried to organise a small group and see if there was any meaning behind his thoughts. The more he thought about it, the more it seemed possible that an outside force was responsible for everything that the Shaler did. But before he could entertain others with his theories, his father was taken ill and later died peacefully in his sleep. Whatever plans he had were nullified as he became emperor.

His fate was sealed by reigning over the Shaler for more than forty years with peaceful tranquillity. Serenus takes little interest in his own people and politics and continues to wonder about his fantasy, looking to the clouds, dreaming that something significant could happen before the end of his days.

Personal life

Living alone at the official residence of the emperor, he has never cared for a relationship and absolutely no desire to father children. The day-to-day of running the Shaler takes up a significant amount of time in his life, even if he finds the entire affair tiresome.

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