a Deliverance character

Samal is the most senior member of the Doctor’s Division and advises directly to King General Xarash IV. He takes great interest in the development and enhancement of the Synth, but also believes there is something else to its nature.


As well as his duty towards assisting Xarash with the advancement of the war led by the Kaidis against the Shaler, Samal oversees the direction in which all Doctor’s take.

Based in a large barn-like building inside the courtyard outside of Mount Sindre, Samal takes charge of the many writings that have been collated by members of the Division past and present. His main line of research is to find a way to increase the potency of the Bloodrage affliction, in the absence of the required Urtica seeds.

In addition, Samal has his own theories about the Synth itself. Absent of the larger resources that the Synth Institute has, the Kaidis’ own development of the Synth is limited, but Samal is sure of an ulterior reason behind its existence.

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