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As part of the Temple of Ramor, the Twilight Compendium is a special collection of works taken from the Temple’s archives and compiled into a single volume. These inspiring writings are used as the teachings and philosophy of the Temple itself.

It would be considered a holy book and is of immeasurable worth to the Temple. Its name originates from the fact that it is mostly referred to during end-of-day twilight services.


Since it is simply a collection of older written pages taken from the Temple’s archive, in appearance, the Compendium is more like a scrapbook. The original works have not been rewritten or copied to preserve their originality.

Its cover and binding are strong and is very reflective, in respect for the light of Ramor. No words, such as a title, are present as adding anything artificial such as a label to it would be seen as damaging to what it represents — undeniable truth and wonder.


Passages in the Compendium range from uplifting thoughts, inspirational essays or simple observations made that adhere to the Temple’s beliefs.

There are no pages that recognise other details which the archive also maintains, such as the recording of significant events and discoveries. While these are important to document, and for others to learn, they do not provide interest for the masses.

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