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In the organisation of the Kaidis military, the Second Division (shortened to the Second) is the most common unit. The bulk of the might is assigned to the Second Division.

A member is initiated into this Division once they have completed the training that is part of being the Third Division. The selection process is a default — if the member is not judged acceptable to enter into the Doctor’s Division, the Engineers Division or the Production Division, they are assigned to the Second.

It is not uncommon for a member to remain in the Second until they die (for example, either in battle or from natural causes). Promotion to the First Division is only done for honourable or demonstration of incredible mettle in the field. The seasoned members of the Second Division generally attain a ranking of Sergeant.


  • Undeniable allegiance to the Kaidis and the King General.
  • Variable battle skills
  • Generally brutish and incompatible with other Divisions, or their assigned group
  • Take orders from superiors without question
  • Predominately male and are encouraged to enjoy the services of the Production Division
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