a location in Deliverance

Situated in the eastern district of Thoridon, the Emperor’s Residence is the official homestead for the incumbent emperor.


Following in the accepted culture of the Shaler, the building itself is no grand palace or sized like a castle. Instead, it is typical in dimension for a normal family, but it does have two distinguishing features.

It is one of the few houses in Thoridon to have two floors. But rather than being a status symbol, the additional level is functionally important, as the official residence can be used as a reception for governmental occasions.


Even if the construction itself is respectably sized, surrounding the residence is an array of gardens, featuring some of the most beautiful flora found in the Shaler continent.

Trees, shrubs and flowers are well represented, with much of the actual upkeep maintained by the Shaler people, out of respect for their government and the emperor.

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