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Urtica is a large plant that grows in damp and covered areas, such as Mistwood. Its main interest is the seeds it produces, one of the active ingredients in synthesising the edible mixture which results in the Bloodrage affliction.


Favouring to grow in indented areas, in among trees or fallen logs, the Urtica plant is vibrantly green with pointed leaves. When it flowers, its white petals hang low from the planet. In the centre extrudes a long stalk — from this, large clumps of white, round seedlings form.

When the seeds have developed, they drop from the stalk and roll down the leaves to the ground. Once a plant has produced seeds, it withers and dies.


The seeds themselves are self-pollinating. When water reacts with the seed, the spongy shell breaks away after a green (and volatile) liquid inside has hardened. What results in a moss-like plant quickly grows new leaves and the cycle repeats.

Relationship to Bloodrage

When the seeds are broken apart, the poisonous liquid inside when combined with sulphur crystals creates a curious foodstuff. Why this is the case has never been fully established.

With the uprising at the end of the Third Era, it was seen as vitally important to collect as many of the seeds as possible. Transitioning into the Fourth Era, the initial members of the fledging Doctor’s Division in the Kaidis Kingdom harvested the plant to extinction.

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