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Pri is one of the planets (or an Arena) that orbits Ramor in her planetary system. It is the single world featured in the first book. Pri has no moons or other satellites orbiting it.


Given a simple name by its creator, Pri is an Ethereal word translated into English to mean “form”. For Ramor, Pri is the result of her first planet created from the wox for (or the Piecestorm).

To its inhabitants, this name of the world is largely unknown, especially with the Shaler, as they are unaware that there are more worlds or even know the existance of galaxies.


Following a simple ellipsoid orbit around the sun, the planet stays at the exact same distance as it travels in space.

However, its rotation is angled at around a 30-degree angle with the southern pole facing more towards the sun. On its axis, it does not spin, meaning as the planet rotates around, the angle remains constant as it orbits. This causes the far north of the world to be forever cold with no heat from the sun ever focusing on it; the reverse with the southern pole.

The planet’s total area itself is fairly small with the entire midsection able to be crossed north to south in a matter of days.

Geography and climate

Due to the planet’s rotation, from pole to pole, the geography and climate is extremely defined. The north is incredibly icy and permanently frozen, with the south parched and actively volcanic.

But in-between these two extremes, at the equator and either side, it is very compatible for mortal life with lush landscapes and a rich ecosystem.


There are a total of four significant land masses on Pri.


This is the largest continent, home to the people of the same name. It spans most of the habitable area on the planet in all directions, providing vast amounts of continuous land. As its area is so wide and the planet is small, it reaches the edges of the two extremes.

The following areas are inside the Shaler continent:


Across an unnamed sea to the west of Shaler is a much smaller continent covering less than a twentieth of the area of its counterpart. It is similar in climate, but it has no living population and its existence is unknown to the Shaler people.

Is and Tu

The ice lands are to the north of Shaler and Dalxor, and the volcanic and hot lands to the south. Nothing mortal can survive in these areas, where temperatures reach extremes on both ends of the thermometer.

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