a Deliverance character

Volar is a smart but brutal member of the Kaidis First Division, holding the rank of Legionnaire.


Of similar age to Xarash IV, Volar is also comparable in fighting ability. Rising to the Second Division, he was always seen as material that would make the First Division due to his smarts. Typical grunts would come to Volar for advice on practically anything as he has an uncanny ability to think everything through.

His general nature appears extremely calm, and unlike regular brutes from the military Divisions, he is a lot more tolerant. But occasionally, Kaidis instinct makes itself known when Volar may change his opinion in the blink of an eye, often resulting in serious consequences.

Being from the First, he also has impeccable strength and swordsmanship. Volar’s stamina allows him to travel great distances.

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