a Deliverance character

Levak (formally Doctor Levak) is a member of the Kaidis Doctor’s Division, but defected to the Shaler to take charge of the Warlock Council.


Even though Levak was a brilliant member of the Doctor’s Division, when in discussion with others, his ideas and projections were never taken too seriously. Throughout his time with the Division, he was unable to find supports for his work and would ultimately see him becoming fed up.

He then had the radical notion to leave the Kaidis, something that was unheard. But as the Doctor’s Division generally operates on its own accord, going rogue may actually be seen as an advantage. During a typical encounter outside of Thoridon, he made his move, circumventing the charge of the military Divisions.

When he was caught trying to enter through the eastern gate, he protested that he had no malicious intent and wanted to see someone from the Synth Institute. Taken prisoner, Master Conjurer Ferlor met with Levak and the two talked about what he wanted to do. With Ferlor desperate to find someone unique to head the new security Segment, shadowy dealings were made.

In Shaler life

As Levak is a natural born Kaidis, his physical size is larger than a typical Shaler person, and the distinctive yellow spots of the Bloodrage would make him stand out enough.

Therefore, he dresses entirely heavy clothes, with an elaborate scarf obscuring his face. His general demeanour is fairly threatening and no-one dares to challenge or ask about him, keeping himself to himself, even though this makes the Shaler suspicious.

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