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The Bloodrage is a genetic mutation that is unique to the Kaidis people. It is the main reason for their aggressive and violent nature.


Before the affliction became recognised as guaranteed inheritable genetic dysfunction, its physical form is a foodstuff, created by combining a poisonous liquid found in seeds of an extinct plant called Urtica and sulphur crystals.

When this is ingested by a Shaler, it gives a pleasurable experience. However, it also introduces addiction and quickly the abuser is driven only to consume more of the unusual substance. Eventually, the addiction wears off.


Positive outcomes of the Bloodrage increase the person’s strength and stamina, their size and muscle development, and a high tolerance to warm environments.

Negatively, it makes the person highly aggressive with an extremely short temper, reduced mental capacity and impaired vision, and covers the skin with yellow blotches.

All of these conditions vary from one to another, and some are significantly less (or more) prevalent. Typically, a member of the First Division has an advanced development of the Bloodrage, while a member of the Doctor’s Division may have little to no effect.

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