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In Pri, the Matoh are bear-like mammals that reside in Iskap.


Living exclusively in the frozen, blizzard-struck mountains of Iskap, these large creatures are more than capable of living in these harsh conditions.

They are covered in thick fur — typically white, but may feature large black or brown spots as a method of identification, especially in blizzard conditions. Their legs have a large paw and sharp claws, but their frontal arms are more shaped like hands.

Mobility is achieved either by running on all-fours or standing on their back legs. Utilising all-fours allows the Matoh to traverse terrain at an incredible speed. When walking on their back legs, their height is much taller than a typical humanoid.

Their faces consist of a large muzzle, small black and round eyes, and small ears. Despite the sizes, they still have excellent vision and hearing.

Because of their adaptation to the cold, they would not tolerate exceptional heat.


Groups of Matoh (families) generally stick together and look after each other. Even though Iskap is a mountainous area, many caverns litter the landscape providing shelter from the harsh environs. Families will claim one of these are their home.

Matoh typically feed from fish in pools or plant life that grows inside the caverns.

Interaction with Shaler

The Shaler people are mostly unaware of the Matoh, but the occasional expedition to Iskap has revealed them. The name Matoh is in the Shaler language, meaning the long walkers.

Because the conditions of Iskap are far too treacherous for the Shaler (with many aforementioned expeditions ending with no return), actual knowledge about them is limited. Some Shaler see them as a symbol for inspiration.

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