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The People’s Union is the largest organisation in Thoridon, in both size and resources. It is the sole body responsible for manufacturing, engineering, production and logistics. For example, all the buildings in Thoridon have been constructed by those aligned with the Union.


Early in the First Era, as the Shaler were beginning their civilisation, enterprise was important to them as they strove to find purpose. Quickly, groups of Shaler formed, all working independently from each other. Continuing their slightly barbaric early history, competition was literally fierce.

It was proposed that they would put their differences aside, but allow for each group to operate individually. A union was formed and as time progressed it became a useful resource as the groups decided to help each other. Any group that stayed outside of the union was sneered at.

Eventually, the People’s Union grew and continues to grow. All manners of skilled tradespersons became available to the Union. The Union itself developed into an organisation itself to oversee what its members were doing and supporting those when in need.


Members of the Union are fully represented by a nominated president who acts on behalf of all members in the Senate House. A tradition that has continued since the formation of the Union is that they only ever look out for themselves and not receptive to support those outside, such as with the Synth Institute or Temple of Ramor.

When convened in the Senate, the president is accompanied with a selection of the most successful traders, engineers and craftspersons. They are renowned for only having their interests at heart, much to the ire of emperors over the years.

Example trades

A short list of various trades that the Union members accomplish follows:

  • Blacksmithing
  • Textiles
  • Glassmaking
  • Butchers, bakeries and other food production
  • Construction
  • Transportation

Political descent

With the Union being a large organisation, there are the occasional rebels that do not necessary agree with the overall running of the Union. Opinions can include that the Union is a blight against the overall progression of the Shaler.

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