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One of the support units for the Kaidis military, the Engineers Division is primarily responsible for the planning, development and production of anything physical to progress their war with the Shaler.

This production includes the carving of additional tunnels inside the Kaidis Stronghold, building of the waterwheel at Wodar Drop, construction of the Falla siege machines, as well as the swords, axes and armour utilised by the fighting troops.


When the Kaidis was founded at the end of the Third Era, the majority of the members following in the footsteps of Xarash were originally part of the People’s Union. This meant that they were highly skilled engineers and was the main reason for why the Kaidis became so successful in utilising the resources found in the Sulphur Deserts.

This spirit of development grew into the Fourth Era with the construction of Wodar Drop and the reliable Kronia vehicles. Sharp weaponry armed the main military Divisions and sturdy utilisation of Luvolite crafted tough armours, affording them excellent physical protection.


  • Excellent minds and spacial recognition
  • Have little opinion about the military or the war overall
  • Tendency to great things right the first time
  • No military experience outside what was learnt in the Third Division
  • Keep themselves isolated from other Divisions
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