The Changeable Worlds series currently comprises of one published book with two more in production.


See the home page for a brief overview of the series.

To accompany the books in the series, be sure to refer to the encyclopaedic Compendium which features incredible detail about concepts, characters and locations found in each book.

Main Books

Each book is set on an individual world in Ramor's galaxy.

Book 1: Deliverance

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Emperor Serenus of the Third Era is leader of the Shaler people and proud of their achievements as a civilisation, but this is not what interests him. In his elder years and mostly lost interest in the advances his people make, he yearns for a chance to break the monotony.

This chance eventually makes itself known when dissent rises up from common labourers. Dissatisfied with their People's Union, a small group of young Shaler become corrupted by influence from a Lightbearer that walks among them.

When Serenus takes decisive action against them, for the hundreds of years that follow, war against people that were once his own, the merciless and cut-throat Kaidis are obsessed with the destruction of the Shaler.

Deliverance tells an engaging story of how a great civilisation is brought to its knees when a single Lightbearer plants a seed of corruption, and documents the war between the Shaler and the Kaidis, and also the Lightbearers themselves.

Book 2: Coalition

This book is currently in production. More details about this publication will be made available soon.

Book 3

A third book featuring another world in Ramor's galaxy is in the planning stages. At the moment, it has no title.

Additional Writings

To accompany the books, short stories that pick up on specific events and details are also available. Such writings may become available at any time. Follow us on Facebook to find out when.

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