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Kaidan is a gifted student at the Synth Institute in Thoridon. However, a fall from grace is attributed to an encounter with a Lightbearer. This eventually leads to the creation of the Kaidis.


Born in a town to the east of Mistwood, Kaidan’s parents recognised his aptitude and thought his talents would be wasted in their small community. After discussing their feelings with Kaidan, a unanimous agreement was made to send him to Thoridon, dreaming he would do well at the Synth Institute.

After being accepted, and over the next few years, his peers were ultimately impressed with his capabilities and ability to theorise the use of the Synth as well as should great determination. Quickly becoming recognised by the Conjurers at the Institute, he was earmarked for advanced study, if he completed his final year.

But this excellence in education became tarnished with his desire to discuss theories that had been discussed before, and proved to fail. He was adamant that he could prove them true, going against the advice of everyone, including Master Conjurer Camaro.

After a chance involvement with a Lightbearer, he became involved with the Dis organisation. He thought that this group — orchestrated by a rebellious member of the People’s Union known as Xarash — would provide him the opportunity to prove himself more than the lecturers at the Institute thought of his chances.

Book of the Daimons

One of the major works that would prove significant in the creation of the Kaidis is a collection of essays, diagrams and theories that Kaidan originally wrote before finding Dis. This is the Book of the Daimons, named after mythology that is told to Shaler children.

When the works were presented to Dis, Xarash became obligated to introduce his own dreams of militarisation to Kaidan’s original texts. With experiments involving Urtica, witness accounts of Lightbearer dealings and grand plans to form legions of fighters, the Book quickly became doctrinal and eventually sacred to the Kaidis.

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