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Ramor is the Ethereal name given to the sun which is central in the known planetary system. What makes Ramor different from other white hot stars in the universe is that this star is sentient and capable of rational thought.

The Shaler also worship Ramor as a sun god in their own temple.


Ramor is always referred to as female because she is seen as mother to a Lightbearer. As she is the creator of everything that orbits her, she is also the creator of the Lightbearers themselves.


In space, Ramor is a white hot star and among the brightest in the near galaxies. She produces immeasurable quantities of energy, such as heat and light. She is also the source for the ubiquitous Synthetic energy.

Creation of Worlds

Ramor is the sole creator of all the known worlds and everything else that orbits her directly in space. She is the very reason for life, the existence of the Lightbearers and the Synthetic Domain.

The physical matter in space which surrounds her — the wox for, or Piecestorm — are the building blocks that she uses to formulate worlds.


Being an intelligent life form as well as a powerful star, Ramor does not have the need to actually interact with others, therefore not much is known about her. Because she is the creator of the known everything, she has little need to converse with her creations.

When she does, it is usually only to the Ascended Lightbearers in relation to the Tournament. The Lightbearers themselves are very respectful to their mother, and feel hugely honoured when she offers to communicate. But she has never spoken to the Shaler and would never consider doing so.

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