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A pinnacle of scientific theory and application, the Synth Institute is a cherished university for the Shaler people. Providing intelligent and thought-provoking insight into the known world, the Institute is the single collection of the cleverest minds, all driven to discover meaning, superior intellect and reason with the assistance of the power of the Synth.


Marking the discovery of the Synth by the Shaler, the beginning of the Second Era was when the Institute became founded. The shear appearance of the revealed power at the end of the First Era was enough to make the people stop and consider their entire position.

With the original buildings of the Institute constructed approximately 15 years after the initial discovery, a great number of theories and suggestions were tabled about the how, why and what of the Synth itself. As it became clear that the subject matter was only for discussion by a handful of bright individuals, they decided that those who showed genuine interest into the energy could join into the debate.

This separation created a divide between the intelligent thinkers and ones not as able. The fact that the Synth energy can manipulate time and space at an extremely localised point was incomprehensible by most, and segregation threatened. Some radical thinkers did not necessarily agree with the closed-mindedness that the Institute was taking, believing that all should be able to experience the discovery and left to found what became known as the Temple of the Shaler.

Over time, the students became lecturers, and understanding and control of the Synth became generally accepted. Its use, however, remains restricted to a small percentage of the population due to the need to have a degree of talent in order to be able to channel the energy. But, even to those that do not possess direct ability can still excel at the Institute by theory alone.


The Institute itself is a collection of smaller buildings inside an insulated area of Thoridon.


Entering from the Quadrangle, the courtyard of the Institute consists of a large statue for the current emperor. The surrounding area doubles as gardens and meeting places for students to discuss and enjoy.

To the north of the courtyard are residences for students to stay on campus, should they desire.


On the western side is the Theatre — the main lecture halls. Classes are held throughout the days (and sometimes nights) as students who dedicate themselves to understanding the Synth do so strenuously.


Across to the east of the campus is the Institute’s Library. This building consists of four stories and is the tallest in Thoridon. From the second floor and above is an entire catalogue of works by students, past and present. This is similar to the archives in the Temple of Ramor, except that everything explicitly relates to the Synth and science alone.

On the ground floor is the Hall of Legends. This hall covers the entire floor and is similar to a museum of prior discoveries relating to the Synth. Statues, paintings and models are positioned all around to allow for upcoming students to be inspired by their predecessors. Central is a column of stairs that lead up to the archives.

The Library also contains a basement, but this is off-limits to everyone and kept behind lock and key.


Master Conjurer

The Institute itself is headed by someone with the Master Conjurer title. A Master Conjurer is appointed directly by the emperor, must be able demonstrate absolute understanding of Synth energy and introduce direction into the Institute as a whole.


Underneath the Master, individual Conjurers are similarly skilled in the use of the Synth. They are the lecturers and representatives of the Institute in the Synth Fellowship.

Graduated students who have completed the study of the Synth can opt to move into advanced study. On completion of this advanced course, they are promoted to Conjurer status.

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