There is so much you cannot see
— Barel, warmonger of the elements

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What do you desire, mortal?

Your dreams and aspirations are not your own.

You are part of the Tournament, yet you do not know it. We direct you to do anything, even though you believe you have free will.

“Ramor is with you” is what they say. You are unaware of how literal that advice is...

Your ethereal friend

Become influenced

Changeable Worlds is a brand new science-fiction and fantasy book series set in a unique galaxy far away in the known universe. Inside this galaxy are several planets, all with their own humanoid life. Each world has been created by a powerful, sentient star known as Ramor.

Ethereal beings known as the Lightbearers are children to their mother star and they are responsible for inflicting change, influence, cause and effect upon the people that reside in these worlds. They walk among the mortals, interfering with their lives, oblivious to this fact.

A powerful, mysterious energy called the Synth allows for destructive or creative abilities to become available to those that know how to manipulate it. The Lightbearers rely on this energy to allow them to achieve their goal of winning the Tournament of the Lightbearers.

Immerse yourself

The first book in the series is Deliverance and set on a world known as Pri. Here, the intelligent Shaler are proud of themselves and enjoying their simple and tranquil life, but when the Lightbearers start to push their own ideas, a very different existence becomes reality.

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