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Critical to the continuing survival of the Kaidis, the Production Division (also known among the ranks as the Fuck Factory) is a unit devoted solely to the creation of new Kaidis.

Its role focuses on prostitution and other sexual services, and also the raising of children born through the process. Predominately, most members of Production are female, but as females are also part of the military Divisions, males are also present.


The Production Division is definitely seen as a very important asset to the Kaidis — some would argue more so than the Doctor’s Division. As its purpose is to create new life, all members of every Division — if they are able — are encouraged to visit Production as often as possible.

Much like in all forms of life, sex is as critical to the war effort as is slaughtering Shaler. While the numbers of Kaidis are fewer than the Shaler, the very formulation of the Production Division is an indication of its importance.


Because the role of procreation is seen more of a tool then pleasure, members of other Divisions arrive and leave after copulation is complete. The notion of family is non-existent, and it is uncommon for the same pairing to meet again, especially if conception is achieved.

All newborns are assigned to the nursery which sits aside the common sexual services. They are nursed to an acceptable age, ready to take military schooling in the Third Division.

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