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The Tournament of the Lightbearers (often shortened to the Tournament) is a ranked game played by the Children of the Ethereal. It gives them a purpose in order to enact desired change and influence among mortals across worlds.


  • To ensure the Lightbearers have motivation to allow for mortal life to change and progress
  • Gives Ramor an opportunity to monitor situations
  • Provides an assurance of superiority over other Lightbearers


Each Lightbearer — who in the context of the Tournament may be referred to as a Player — must adhere to a simple set of rules in order to qualify for the chance of Ascendancy.


  • By using any talent, ability or impact available to them, create significant change or influence to mortal life upon an Arena.
  • Any change or influence must be applied to the mortal life collectively. Purposefully targeting individuals is not acceptable.
  • The mortal life must be able to continue after any interference by a Lightbearer.
  • Death of the Lightbearer’s host while present on an Arena forfeits the game.
  • If commanded by an Ascended during their game, the Lightbearer must follow the instruction.


Even though Ascended Lightbearers are considered to have won their position in the Tournament, they have a separate list of rules which they must follow. Penalty for not adhering to these rules is unknown.

  • The Ascended must not directly interfere with a Lightbearer’s game, or assist in any way, if one is present on their assigned Arena.
  • Interference is acceptable if the Lightbearer has made decisions which are detrimental to the Arena as a whole. For example, if the design of the Arena is to be compromised.
  • The Ascended must not reveal details about the Lightbearer’s directly to any mortal, unless that mortal is singled out for summoning a Lightbearer into the Arena.


When change has been sufficiently taken place on an Arena, and it was instigated by a Lightbearer, through a judgement process between the Arena’s present Ascended and Ramor, a result is determined.

Numerous factors decide the result for whether Ascendancy should be granted. For example, prior results in other Arenas, attitudes among other Lightbearers, and so on.

If the result is unfavourable, the Lightbearer will most likely change tactics for the next opportunity, whenever that may be.

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