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King General Xarash IV is the fourth leader of the Kaidis since its inception at the start of the Fourth Era. He is a formidable fighter, shows no mercy and highly respected among all of his subordinates.


In continuation of the Xarash lineage, and therefore a direct descendant of Xarash I who co-founded the Kaidis, Xarash IV is a pure-born. What is now regarded as normal with the high-end of Kaidis society, he was taken from the nurseries of the Production Division and — at the request of his father — fast-tracked into the Second Division at an early age.

He was trained to become a fighting machine, developing unrivalled combat skills especially with axes. During his teenage years, his father revealed to him about mistakes he had made as leader, telling him stories about how wars are better won with preparation and strategy, rather than charging in with little to no planning.

It was not long after these conversations that Xarash III was killed on the battlefield. Immediately charged with leading the Kaidis, Xarash IV took his father’s words to heart after being ceremoniously presented with a treasured axe that Xarash III used.

Ten years on, his ideas and strategic theories have paid off as the Kaidis have risen to the dominating force over the Shaler, much to the surprise of onlookers such as Toraq.


Xarash demands utmost loyalty from the military Divisions and after he has proved himself numerous times as both a fierce fighter and excellent combat strategist, he is treated with incredible respect.

However, he has a general dislike for the Doctor’s Division, not really understanding what they do, but teamed with the wise Doctor Samal as his adviser, he tolerates them.


Xarash IV has also fathered his own son named Rakos, via the services of the Production Division. Unlike Xarash’s rise to power, he and his son have a very arms-length relationship, with Xarash rarely taking an interest in Rakos’ development.

Passing through the Third Division, and being heir to the throne, Rakos was given free choice about how he wanted to proceed with his training when reaching teenage years. Xarash did not care what he chose to do, and partly through spite but also in a degree of self-interest, Rakos decided to learn about the Synth through the Doctor’s Division.

Spending most of his time with Samal, quietly reading the written works in the Doctor’s headquarters, Rakos has developed a vast knowledge about the energy, but has not had an opportunity to practise it.

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