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Mount Sindre is the only active volcano on the Shaler continent. In the Fourth Era, it is more commonly referred to as the Kaidis Stronghold as the Kaidis claimed it for themselves as a base of operations.


Positioned at the southern end of the Sulphur Deserts, this volcano provides a dominating presence on the landscape. The peak of the mountain consists of a crown of rock where white-hot magma churns, but never breaks outside of its containment. Sometimes, a white halo can be seen.

The rock face is very dark as the rock of the mountain is densely populated with an element known as Luvolite. It is this resource that is mined by the Kaidis and forged to create their armours and weaponry.

Below the surface, the volcano is a myriad of tunnels, passages and caverns. Most of these are created in the past by the lava eruptions, but as the Kaidis moved in, more were opened up or merged to suit their needs.

Because it is still an active volcano — but does not actually erupt — the atmosphere inside is extremely warm. The temperature rises even further deeper down. For the Kaidis to survive, they rely on their heat resistance provided by the Bloodrage affliction.


In the immediate area outside Mount Sindre is a walled courtyard. This protective wall made from wooden panels allows for the gusty winds of the Sulphur Deserts to be deflected away.

Forges used by the Engineers Division are situated in the courtyard. There is also a large barn-like building, home to the Doctor’s Division.

As well as the outside placements, shipments of water from Wodar Drop arrive by Knoria frequently. The various units of the military Divisions also practice outside.


The Engineers crafted a large hole into the side of the volcano by collapsing exposed tunnels. But in keeping with military procedure, a series of varying sized gates were erected, preventing anyone — Kaidis or otherwise — from having free reign in and out.

These gated entry points are manned with large turnstiles. No-one goes in or out without a reason.


Direct roads extend across the Sulphur Deserts to Outpost Ora (north-east) and Wodar Drop (north-west).

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